About me

I am Teodora Bileta, a scholar, who appreciates and analyzes all kinds of speculative fiction. I consume and investigate everything from high fantasy to military sci-fi. My goal is to read smart and understand how things are written. I believe that both history and fiction are as much about ‘how?’, as they are about ‘why?’.  Since I am a social historian, who is obsessed with genre literature, I created this blog, where I write about hacking fantasy and history. Because one does not exist without the other. And because I live with both.  

What I don’t do: I don’t write book reviews or rate books. Because plenty of other trustworthy people do.

What I do: I read. I write. I analyse. I investigate various overlooked aspects of literature and history and explore how the two are connected. I promote fantasy and sometimes scholarly pieces that I find criminally underrated.

This blog is a place, where I post my short essays. If a post piques your interests, feel free to visit and contact me.

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